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To register your interest as a potential supplier to the Arven Offshore Wind Farm project (either directly to Arven Offshore Wind Farm Ltd or via our contractors) please complete the form below.

We are not looking for detailed information about the services you wish to offer at this stage of the project so there is no need to send us any additional information beyond listing the services you offer.

Before you begin, you must read and agree to our Terms and Conditions which explain how we plan to use and store the information you supply to us and other important information.

Please remember to let us know about any future changes to the information you supply today or to let us know if you would like your organisations details removed.Simply email us via the address on the Contact page.

This registration will take approximately 12 – 15 minutes to complete.

Supplier Registration – Terms and Conditions
We would like to offer your business the opportunity to register as a potential supplier to the Arven Offshore Wind Farm project.

In order to do this, we will keep a database of suppliers who are interested in working with us as the project progresses. Please read the following terms and conditions prior to completing our online registration form.

Terms and conditions:
1. By completing the Arven Offshore Wind Farm Supplier Registration form you confirm that you are authorised by the company you represent to submit details on their behalf.

2. The information you provide will be shared with potential Tier 1 contractors, principal contractors and other related supply chain businesses for the sole purpose of sharing your organisations skills and experience in relation to potentially becoming a supplier to the Arven Offshore Wind Farm project.

3. The information you provide may also be shared with local enterprise partnerships and local authorities who are dedicated to promoting business opportunities to local organisations.

4. We will use the information captured in the database to update you regarding the status of our offshore windfarm projects and any external events we are participating in from time to time.

5. We will store the information you volunteer securely for the lifetime of the project and in accordance with appropriate data protection protocols. Please only enter business related information.

6. The supplier registration form is not an request for quotation (RFQ), request for proposal (RFP) or a bidding system.

7. The supplier registration form is not a qualification system, completing the form does not mean that your organisation has been qualified to work with Arven Offshore Wind Farm Limited

8. You can view our Privacy Notice here: